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Office Essentials

All of your office essentials in one place!

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We decided to put together a list of office supplies you may need on a daily basis. These office essentials will get you through any work day!


Sending an important letter or sending someone a cheque is quite an important task so making sure you've got the right envelope for the right type of document is vital. Choose 'do not bend' envelopes for important documents and the basic white envelope for the not so important documents.

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File Dividers 

Keep your work organised with colour coded sections using file dividers. There's nothing worse than loosing importat documents and not know where you put them. Organising files into colour coded sections can help you and your team to feel on top of work.

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Office Chairs 

Having a chair at your desk is a given but making sure you've got a chair which supports your back is extremely important. Investing in a good chair can save you years of back pain and bad posture.

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 floor mat



Taking note of important tasks and making sure you never miss an important meeting is extremely important. We've got hundreds of diaries available, perfect for organising your weeks at work

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Classic desk accessories are staplers, great for keeping important documents or paper work together in one stack. 

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Office Desks

Choosing an office desk can be a daunting task but it's a good idea to make sure you choose something that will last a lifetime and also gives you enough space to work. 

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Ring Binders

Having storage options for documents and paper work is a must in any work or office space. With different sizes and colour options available, you're bound to find the right one for you. 

Shop ring binders here

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