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Choosing The Correct Pen

Choosing The Correct Pen For Your Needs

Choosing a pen often comes down to personal preference but outside the look and feel of the product, you may want to consider the type of nib and ink which is used.  Below is a brief outline of the different types of ink and nibs that are available.

Gel Ink

Offers smooth and bright colours, as it not only lubricates the ball but places a greater amount of ink onto the page.

Liquid Ink (Free Ink)

This is a water-based ink.  Free ink rollers use an ink delivery system that ensures a regular flow and allows you to see the remaining ink level in the barrel.

Ball Pens

Ball pens are made with an oil-based ink which can resist extreme temperatures and can write on most surface types.  The main characteristic of a ball pen is the writing length – these highly efficient pens generally write between 1500 and 3000 metres.

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Rollerballs (Ink Store)

The traditional type of rollerball feeds ink to the ball from a fibre reservoir soaked in the ink.  The system uses gravity to ensure ink flow and is relatively simple.

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There are two main types of rollerball tip:

Cone Tipped – this tip type offers great protection to the ball and is ideal for high volumes of writing.

Needlepoint Tipped – reduced friction between the ball and the tip produces very free flowing writing.  This tip type is often preferred for detailed writing work.

Fineline Pens

These are ideal for precision work and stencilling as the ink is laid down in a smaller line width.  Fineliners are usually in a fibre tip or plastic tip format.  However, there are some fineliner rollerballs available.

Fibre Tip and Fine Line Pens

Tips of fine nylon and other synthetic fibres ground to a point.  The ink is fed to the tip from a soft fibrous reservoir being drawn by capillary forces.  Fibre tips provide smooth writing and a consistent line.

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