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Hole Punches

Hole PunchesProduct 136007, Description: Rexel P225 Punch 2-Hole Robust Metal with Nameplate Capacity 25x 80gsm Silver and Blue Ref 21007445

Hole punches .... an essential tool for your everyday filing.

Our range of hole punches goes from the entry level (under £3) basic puncher right up to the heavy duty, " i can punch 300 sheets in one go!" fellas.

Thought to be invented and patented in the late 19th century, we have our German freinds to thank for this useful invention. Nowadays there are many types of hole punches, but we divide ours down into three main categories:

Two Hole Punches

Four Hole Punches

Heavy Duty Hole Punches

Needing to check capacities, get advice, spares etc? Call our product helpline on 0845 226 3313.

Looking for cheap hole punches? Our cheapest, yet still comprehensive range of hole punches are made by 5 Star. (Check out the quantity break savings!)

To view our entire range of hole punches, click here.

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