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Hanging Files

Hanging FilesProduct 266936, Description: Elba Suspension File Lateral Manilla V-base 240gsm A4 Orange Ref 100330473 [Pack 25]

The Various Types of Hanging Files

Hanging and suspension files are one of those products where its easy to make a mistake when purchasing and you end up getting the wrong product for your filing.

The two main types of hanging files are:

Both of these files hang from rails or runners, but the main difference is that a suspension file (sometimes referred to as a "vertical file") normally runs from left to right with access to the contents of the file through the top. Whereas lateral files are designed to access through the side and as such generally have the contents tab also on the side of the file. The main hanging files purchased are the suspension file type as these fit in the standard four drawer office cabinets and deskside filing pedestals.

Check the size!

The next mistake often made having successully chosen the corrent type of hanging file is to order the wrong size. With suspension files in the UK the two main sizes are foolscap and A4. Foolscap is the most common size, with A4 tending to be used in smaller filing cabinets designed for the small or home office. To help make the correct choice we have laid out below the approximate measurements below so that you can check on the rail width of your cabinet or filing drawer:

  • A4 suspension files - File size (WxD) = 315 x 245mm, Runner width = 345mm
  • Foolscap suspension files - File size (WxD) = 365 x 245mm, Runner width = 400mm

Lateral hanging files also have a couple of different standard sizes, approximated as below:

  • Lateral 330 - Designed to fit in filer/cabinet with rail width of 330mm. File has a 280mm drop from top to bottom
  • Lateral 275 - Designed to fit in filer/cabinet  with rail width of 275mm. File has a 280mm drop from top to bottom
  • 275 "Lateral 12" - A less common file used nowadays, fits rail width of 275mm, but is a deeper file with a drop of 305mm

File material and base shape

In addition to the above these files can be purchased in a variety of materials. Manilla is the standard material, with polypropylene also used on the heavy duty files used to hold lots of weight. If you need to put a lot of information in one file, make sure you buy a heavy duty type of file, perhaps in a polypropylene material, but also use a squared base file which are available in 30mm or 50mm widths.

Read the above and still need some help? ..... Dont worry it is quite confusing, and easy to make a mistake! just call our product helpline on 0845 226 3313 and one of the team will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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