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C4 Envelopes and Envelopes for A4

Envelopes for A4   C4 Envelopes

Brand leaders in this category are Basildon Bond, Plus Fabric and 5 Star and our range of nearly 400 envelopes covers every possible requirement.

If you are not sure which envelope you need, it might be worth checking our envelope advice page for sizes and folding.

C4 Envelopes are 324 x 229mm (12 3/4” x 9”) in size and will accomodate an A4 sheet of paper unfolded.

To view our entire range of C4 Envelopes, click here.

If you are needing a specific type of C4 Envelope the following links should point you in the right direction.

White Plain C4 Envelopes

White Windowed C4 Envelopes

Manilla Plain C4 Envelopes

Manilla Windowed C4 Envelopes

Gusset C4 Envelopes

Other types/colours of C4 Envelopes

If you have found this page by searching for envelopes for A4 paper, then it might be worth checking the envelope advice page first just to make sure it is a C4 envelope you are needing. A C4 envelope takes an A4 sheet unfolded. Other envelopes for A4 paper (when the paper is folded), can be found using the links below)

DL Envelopes (A4 paper folded twice)

C5 Envelopes (A4 paper folded once)

C6 Envelopes (A4 paper folded twice)


Looking for cheap C4 envelopes or envelopes for A4 paper? .... check out our whitebox and 5 star range of envelopes, these have heavily discounted single pack prices, but as with all of our envelope range, benefit from quantity break savings on larger orders.

If you need help finding the correct envelope for your needs, call our product helpline number on 0845 226 3313.


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